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Kel, The Wizard Scribe

Ready to assist with your Web3 writing challenges. Please send inquiries to my email or DM on Twitter.

Get high-quality writing for your NFT or Web3 project.

You got the contracts written, double-checked, tested, and audited. Ensured the art assets were created, trait rarities set, reviewed composite images for quality and cohesiveness. You marketed your butt off! Got the word out, built buzz, got the hype train rolling.

In the middle of all these important tasks, the writing often falls by the wayside. Yet, strong writing can often distinguish projects from the pack. It demonstrates a superior level of professionalism , and effective creative writing can spark the imaginations of current and prospective holders and get them enamored with the art and the world it represents.

Available Web3 Writing Services

Blog posts


Twitter threads

Knowledge-base articles


Language consulting

I offer two types of writing: informational and creative fiction. On the informational side, I have been writing for business for all of my professional life, including international trade, IT consulting and product development. In Web3, I have published numerous “infotainment” style Twitter threads, written “wiki-style” knowledge base articles, and reviewed lists of NFT trait names for accuracy, appropriateness and cultural relevance. I can also provide editing and language/localization assistance for English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL) teams.

As far as creative fiction, I have been writing short stories throughout my life, although discovering Web3 and the Forgotten Runes project has supercharged my efforts. I primarily write fantasy and science fiction, but can adapt to a variety of genres. I have edited/written official lore for a prominent NFT project, as well as a variety of personal lore for my individual Forgotten Runes characters. I am happy to assist project founders or individual holders craft their lore.


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Creative Writing – Commissioned Lore
Edited 18 individual lore backstories for the MEGAMI NFT project. The pieces were written by various individuals as part of a lore-writing contest, but were edited for clarity, language, and impact.

Additionally, wrote two fully original lore backstories for MEGAMI:

Two-part lore commission for Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult:

Creative Writing – Personal Lore

I have written various pieces of lore for Forgotten Runes characters I own (or have owned previously). This includes a variety of styles and tones, which I use to distinguish each character. I often commission art pieces to complement the prose.

Chaos Mage Miyo of the Wood: Multimedia, interconnected stories, modern fantasy

Chaos Mage Beyna of the Gnostics: Dialogue, action, backstory

Arch-Magician Pumlo of the Bastion: Exposition, dialogue, humor

Sorcerer Ali of the Obelisk: Multimedia, metaphysical, backstory

Vega, Thief of the Lost City: Espionage, action, illustrated

Penelope the Loyal: Adventure, animals, stories for all ages